Thinking outside the box: The Cirque du Soleil Travelling Tricksters Box


The curtains have closed on our first burst of activity for Cirque du Soleil, and before we pack up and take the show to Brisbane, we want to share with you all the things we’ve learned along the way.

1. Simplicity is key

Just like the toddler who prefers the wrapping to the gift, some of the greatest pleasures are found in the simplest things. Cirque’s latest show Kooza is all about returning to their circus roots, and we similarly wanted to take consumers of all ages back to that same sense of wonderment and silliness associated with the classic circus. In this case, it was the inclusion of vintage bike horns and an attention-grabbing bubble machine which caught the eye of our consumers and allowed us to start a conversation.

Reminding consumers of their childhood is a tried-and-tested method of building brand love. For another example of how to inject a sense of fun and adventure while still communicating your brand message, check out our Evian Live Young Backyard case study.


2. Choose your staff wisely

Having great staff on the ground can make or break most experiential activations – particularly those which try to transport consumers into another world. For this activity, we used staff with backgrounds in film or theatre who are particularly outgoing and confident, with the added bonus that they were already passionate about the entertainment industry.

As well as the right staff, it’s important to make sure they are presented in the right way. While branded polos have their place, an activation for Cirque du Soleil certainly called for something a bit different. Theatrical ringmaster’s jackets not only attracted attention but helped staff feel more involved with the product, something which came across in their interactions with consumers.

Remember, staff are quite literally the face of your brand, which is why we hand-pick BAs for each campaign from our own in-house staffing team.


3. Be organised and flexible

Guerilla marketing campaigns always require a certain amount of mobility and flexibility. While these words may imply a relaxed, laid-back approach, in practice it is quite the opposite. Being flexible in experiential is all about what-ifs, plan-Bs and clear communication with both the client, staff and your suppliers. When everyone is aware of the potential issues and has agreed on how these will be approached, a quick (and hopefully stress-free) decision can be made when required.

This is why for each day it is live, the Kooza box has between 5-6 different locations where staff are able to activate. These may change based on weather, timings, footfall or any number of other reasons, and can be altered with little notice. This also allows us to fulfill one of the benefits of live activations – that we can receive feedback and make changes throughout a campaign to optimise performance and ultimately increase ROI.

To help evaluate location options for your own campaigns, check out our Venue Selection Model.


There are endless ways to build brand love, and every product and brand is different. For help making the tough decisions and to stretch your experiential marketing budget further, get in touch today.

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