Theraflu creates world’s first flu detection experiential ad


The cold and flu season is well and truly upon us. All across the northern hemisphere people are suffering right now, battling to fight off the dreaded illness.

Over the counter medicines can help to combat flu, but as we only start to take medicine once we feel obvious symptoms, it can often be too late for these to have a great effect.


Cold and flu medicine brand Theraflu has set out to change that. It’s launched a very clever experiential ad campaign which helps people to get ahead of the illness.

The brand has created the world’s first out-of-home digital ad that is able to detect whether you have a fever – one of the main symptoms of flu.

Launched in Warsaw in Poland, each ad is equipped with a live thermo-scanner camera that is able to assess the body temperature of the person standing in front of it to identify if it is higher than normal.

If it registers that the scanned person may be suffering with a fever, a message pops up on the screen to warn them and recommend that they stock up on Theraflu medicine.


The thermo-scanner uses dedicated custom built software running on an Android device, which turns data from the camera into an interactive application projected on a large high definition screen.

The ad not only detects a possible fever but also generates a ‘thermo-scanner selfie’. After taking their selfie, they are prompted to download it on the microsite or via a QR code, then share it on social media – or send it to their boss as an excuse for not going to work!

See the thermo-scanner in action for yourself:


Similar to Samsung’s ‘see beyond the edge’ billboard campaign, this is another great example of a brand using creative digital signage technology for a strong experiential impact.  

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