The ultimate cocktail recipe for agency success in 2022


It’s not about exotic, complicated ingredients or fancy flaring. It’s about pouring the perfect mix of the right skills, people, and clients. This is what we’ll be toasting in 2022.


In our opinion, the best cocktails are the simplest ones. Most of the classics only use a few ingredients, but they are high-quality, flavour-packed ones, and then, of course, it comes down to a significant amount of skill in getting the balance of proportions just right.  

We know that we’re going to need some pretty robust cocktails in 2022, both the real, liquid ones (plenty of them), and the metaphorical ones that result in agency and brand success. If there’s any similarity between 2022 and the years before it, we’re all going to need to buckle in for a hell of a ride.  

The good news? The mix here at Because is already geared up for success, and that’s why we’ve thrived during all the Covid-craziness (if we do say so ourselves). We’ve hosted live, virtual and digital experiences and events of all different sizes (and plenty of the hybrid ones too), and we’ve learnt a few new tricks and tips along the way.  

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve also made many mistakes, but there’s one lesson that we’ve learnt, and which has led to our unshakeable belief in this fool-proof formula: it comes down to two key ingredients: your people and your clients. If you can get the right kind in both areas, not only will you build the office and brand culture you’ve always wanted, but you’ll also create work that you and your clients are proud of. Here are my three key factors to finding better ingredients: 

Three ways to collect the right people
1. Embrace the bigger picture

Good god, we love to naval gaze in agency land (see above ?). But this is where some old-fashioned curiosity and in-depth research can reward your client relationship. Start by exhaustively investigating your client’s direction of travel. You need to always understand intimately what’s important to them and their world. Follow it up with other research, like what is happening culturally and in the creative arts? Round it all off by trying to uncover all the latest consumer behaviour, as it may be essential in developing winning solutions for your clients. Stop re-drafting your third internal pet project in a year and focus on real client challenges that need solutions.

2. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye

Yes, we all need to pay bills, especially these days, but this can cost you way more in the long term. The unvarnished truth: not every client is the right fit, culturally or work-wise. The Fame, Fortune or Fun adage still rings true, if your client isn’t delivering on one of these factors then you must consider their role in your portfolio. If they are a Fortune or Fame client, but culturally they are at odds with your agency, are they the right client for you? Our client relationships are built on respect, communication, trust, transparency. Fairness, in a word.

3. The Work should always come first

It’s all about The Work, The Work, The Work – As one of our Global Because Awards is named. You need to push boundaries and craft creative solutions that not only crushes all the KPIs, but also changes and improves the way your client does business.


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