The Cathay ‘Feels good to move’ gallery that took-off at London’s Outernet


An interactive and immersive exhibition which encouraged people to get moving (literally), whilst offering them a fun way to learn about Cathay, and WIN some big prizes.

The unique experiences that come with travelling bring with them so much joy. Travel helps to open your mind, change your perception and alter your view on the world in the very best way. There’s absolutely no doubt about it, it feels good to move, and that’s exactly what the airline, Cathay Pacific, asked us to bring to life in an extraordinary way.  

The international airline was set to launch ‘Feels Good to Move’, their first brand campaign since 2019, that would tell avid adventurers and busy business travellers that the airline was once again ready for take-off.  

Because was asked to bring the ATL concept to life in an activation at the Outernet in London, a state-of-the-art digital exhibition-space just perfect for an out-of-this-world experience.    

We wanted to create a physical manifestation of the brand’s proposition in a fun, unique and unforgettable way. An insta-worthy space where every feature was worth taking a selfie with.  

So, together with Realise Live Ltd, we created the ‘Feels Good to Move Gallery’. This interactive and immersive exhibition encouraged visitors to get moving (literally), whilst offering them a fun way to learn about the brand, and WIN some big prizes. 

Suspended clouds changed different brand hues along with the beat of the music. Giant screens featured ASMR-style clips of clouds. And fly-over footage of Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo gave visitors the feeling they were in an airplane looking out of the window. 

Exploring the space visitors discovered a series of interactive installations: a giant ‘propeller’ that began to rotate as it was approached, creating kaleidoscopic images of the viewer on its mirrored surface. An interactive screen that allowed players to scatter a tapestry of Cathay logos with their arm movements. Alongside an infinity mirror that used a chase-light sequence that made the viewer feel like they were standing in front of a portal to the world, and more.  

Cathay Pacific cabin crew members greeted visitors encouraging them to explore the space and scan a QR code to sign up to Cathay Membership for a chance to WIN Asia miles or the grand prize of a pair of tickets to Hong Kong. 

The final results are about to touchdown on the runway for this epic 4-day experience. As by the looks of the queues that formed outside the doors, and the stunning posts that have been popping up on socials, the Cathay Feels Good to Move Gallery really soared.  

Extraordinary experiences that reach new heights. That’s our favourite kind of work. 


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