Sydney Water launches life-sized Snakes & Ladders game for water waste awareness


With Sydney going through one of the driest periods since the 1940s, it’s more important than ever that everyone does what they can to help reduce water waste.

At the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year, we teamed up with Sydney Water to help them educate the next generation and change behaviours in the community by creating the Love Water, Don’t Waste It Challenge, an engaging, fun and informative experience that would get children thinking about their water consumption.


Taking inspiration from the popular game Snakes & Ladders, Because created a life-sized board game where children became the counters on the board. Assisted by a volunteer and holding a smaller replica of the board, players could roll the dice and move accordingly. If the player landed on a water-waste message, they’d be sent down the pipe to an earlier square. If they were to land on a water-saving square, they’d shoot up the ladder, getting closer to winning the love-water challenge.


What made the experience even more exciting and enticing was the inclusion of interactive elements on the wall. As the children landed on a water-saving square they were invited to press the ‘happy droplet’ button to see how much water was saved using a half flush vs. a full flush or how much water was used for a 4-minute vs 7-minute shower.


Children were encouraged to turn off the tap replica in between washing their hands/brushing their teeth and to use the lenticular flooring to learn about filling the dishwasher properly before starting a wash.


The experience was live for two weeks in the Food Farm Pavilion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. With the Sydney Water Tiny Home set up in another area, Sydney Water ensured that the showgoers, young and old alike, were well equipped with water conservation tips. 

For more water efficiency tips or for more information on the current drought, please visit the Sydney Water website:

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