Strong Roots ‘The Frozen Grocer’ food trailer that pulled love and likes wherever it went

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Driving awareness and sales with the ‘Frozen Grocer’ food trailer.

Strong Roots, the delightfully quirky frozen food brand, was founded in 2015 by a food-loving bloke who believed food could be better. Fast forward to today, and the brand is shaking up the frozen food aisle with its range of delicious goodies that are sustainably grown, farmed, shipped and sold across 10 000 supermarkets worldwide.  

With a strong set of values guiding the course, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity across its US and UK markets as it continues to lead the way in plant-based frozen food innovation, and it’s not stopping there. On the back of its successful ‘Good Made Easy’ campaign launch in the UK, they joined forces with Because to help implement a summer activation sampling campaign. The objective: to spread the word around the brand, get people tasting the delicious food and make sure everyone knows where to find them – in the freezer aisle. 

Like the brand itself, we needed to cook up something fresh and exciting to get people to take a bite (and hopefully discover their new favourite freezer staple). With its freshly frozen plant-based meals that go from freezer to fork in less than 15 minutes, convenience is deeply rooted in the brand, sparking our idea: The ‘Frozen Grocer’ food trailer. This modern pop-up style convenience store served as a nod to the fresh roots of the product with a touch of whimsy. 

The Frozen Grocer

The trailer was rendered in a nostalgic yet modern look and feel of a greengrocer on wheels, with chequered flooring, pinstriped awning and colourful crates overflowing with vibrant produce. And then we hit the road. People could step right up, sample tasters of fan-favourites, as well as scan a QR code to receive a coupon for a free bag of Strong Roots from major supermarkets across the UK. Because who doesn’t love a freebie? 

The Frozen Grocer

Every mini mart needs a claw machine, and we couldn’t resist adding our own branded version designed to resemble a freezer, dubbed The Flash Freeze. This helped add to the intrigue, tempting passersby to engage and sample the goods on offer. Players could snap up mini branded cushions, veggie soft toys and bigger ticket items including an air fryer. 

The Frozen Grocer

Katie King, Marketing Manager at Strong Roots UK & Ireland had this to say, “The Frozen Grocer was the largest sampling activation for Strong Roots to date and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Because team who pulled it off with effortless cool. From concept to execution the team’s attention to detail is second to none. We’re really pleased with the results from the activation and have had great consumer feedback. We’re also continuing to see redemptions in-store from the coupon which is a great measure of success of the campaign.” 

The mini mart trailer made plant-based pitstops in 11 towns and cities across the UK, strategically placed in high foot-traffic areas just a stone’s throw from supermarkets stocking Strong Roots products. 

Wrapping up:  

The Frozen Grocer food trailer connected customers to its fresh, wholesome and nutritious ingredients, and let them appreciate the journey from farm, to freezer, to fork. We took what could have been a bland product sampling campaign and turned it into an immersive face-to-face experience that delighted taste buds and underlined the brand’s commitment to sourcing quality ingredients, building brand love in the process. 

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