Social media influencers prove they will do anything for an Oreo


When it comes to delivering an impactful influencer campaign, a straight product seeding approach isn’t always enough to convert viewers to consumers.

Choosing the right influencers to work with – ones that have an engaged following and post valuable, quality content – is key, but it’s also important to give them a compelling and creative campaign narrative which complements your marketing strategy.

Aligned with Oreo’s global ‘Oreo People’ strategy, the famous cookie brand tapped into key trends with a fun and memorable social influencer campaign to build brand love and appeal to younger consumers.

The campaign, called ‘Some People’ll Do Anything for an Oreo,’ boosts brand awareness and increases fan engagement by getting influencers to prove their love for the creamy biscuit.

Oreo 6

The rounded approach challenges influencers to push their boundaries with two of the most effective strands being a beauty influencer challenge to ‘Oreo your eyebrows’ and a partnership with the renowned, Slow Mo Guys to create a daring and unusual stunt with the reward of an Oreo biscuit.

‘Risk it for a biscuit’ is a phrase which has been around for many years, but rarely can it be applied so literally to an activity.

The stunt from the Slow Mo Guys sees the pair standing at the top of a construction featuring a treadmill over what appears to be a pool of milk (which is later explained to be water and corn flour to save on waste).

Oreo 2

One of the guys dresses up as a waiter before being handed a tray bearing three cups of milk. The challenge is to run on the treadmill whilst balancing the tray, though he inevitably falls into the vat of milk below.

The nine-minute cut was shared with the Slow Mo Guy’s 11m subscribers, resulting in more than 1bn views. Extending the reach, shorter cuts have also been circulated online by Oreo and LADBible.


Oreo also capitalised on the current eyebrow trend to reach a different, predominantly female audience. Known as #OreoBrow, the brand challenged beauty influencers to shape their eyebrows to look like an Oreo.

This campaign cleverly depicts the lengths that people will go to for an Oreo, while positioning the brand as light-hearted, quirky and not afraid to have a little fun.

Katie Dade, Senior Brand Manager, Sweet Biscuits, Mondelez, said: “We’re excited to launch this new campaign, which brings to life the deliciously irresistible taste of OREO in a surprising and entertaining way. ‘Some People’ll Do Anything For An OREO’ is the latest chapter in the story of continued growth for the world’s number one cookie.”

Oreo isn’t the first brand to demonstrate the lengths that loyal customers will go to for their products; The North Face had customers walking great distances to reach their pop-up shop called the Pinnacle Project, while McDonald’s ‘friestream’ activation had fans shouting from the mountain tops.

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