Sammontan’s educational global warming experience


We love the imaginative minds of children.

Without even realising it, kids constantly think outside of the box and come up with quirky and fantastic ideas that often put us grown-ups to shame.

Because of this, it can be a great idea to involve youngsters in experiential campaigns. They love fun, excitement, and are always willing to get stuck in and involved. Their hilarious responses also make perfect video content, which should always be thought about in today’s day and age.

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Italian ice cream brand Sammontana took this approach in a recent activation to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the planet from global warming.

The brand visited a school in Italy and asked a group of children to take part in an experiment, asking: what will ice cream of the future be like? 

The group quickly got busy, drawing pictures of glow-in-the-dark and pizza-flavoured ice cream, while one envisioned it would be in the shape of a unicorn.

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But to delight of the children, Sammontana said they were going to show what the ice cream of the future would really look like.

Delighted squeals and smiles filled the room as silver trays were placed on nearby tables.

But the little ones were soon left disappointed, as there was no crazy and exciting dessert in front of them, instead just bowls of melted ice cream.

The melted ice cream was in fact used to highlight the threat of global warming and its impact on the planet, and the endangered ice caps around the world.

The video was supported by the caption “If we don’t stop global warming, we not only endanger the ice cream of the future, but first and foremost the future of the planet”.

The powerful stunt was presented to 1,500 schools around Italy, and there’s no doubt that all kids involved went straight to their parents to tell them all about it – hitting an even wider audience with such an important message.

For another great example of a campaign involving kids, take a look at this stunt by Record Bank – it made hilarious viewing.

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