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As part of ResMed’s celebrations for World Sleep Day, Because helped launch the first ‘ResMed Sleepwalk’ along Sydney’s iconic Harbourside.

Our health & wellbeing are heavily influenced by three key factors: sleep, exercise, and nutrition. While many individuals prioritize exercise & nutrition, sleep often gets snoozed on! But fear not, ResMed has been on a mission for over 30 years to ensure we catch those Z’s and spread the word about the dreamy benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Their challenge to us? Create a memorable walking event for the ResMed community, held on World Sleep Day to celebrate the amazing work ResMed does within the sleep industry.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness of ResMed’s impactful work among their internal teams, friends and family of the brand and partners. The location needed to be iconic, with the opportunity for beautiful photography & content.

Our answer? An iconic walk with sweeping Harbour views, from Bradley’s Head to Middle Head in Sydney.

Donned in beautiful matching shirts, participants were invited to rise and shine bright & early and meet at the beautiful Bradley’s Head. With a stunning view of the Opera House & Harbour Bridge, participants were welcomed by the ResMed type, and invited to get moving on their 5KM coastal walk. With ResMed teams cheering them along the way, and signposts guiding their path, participants enjoyed a leisurely journey, basking in the beauty of the Sydney Harbour.

As they crossed the finish line beneath a spectacular ResMed archway, participants received well-deserved participation medals and treated themselves to coffee and pastries. With high spirits and renewed energy, they left ready to tackle whatever the day had in store.

The ResMed Sleepwalk was a simple yet powerful reminder of the value of a good night’s rest – and ResMed’s ongoing commitment to helping us achieve just that, because, let’s face it, life’s too short for snooze buttons!


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