Record Bank’s simple brand experience


A meeting with a bank manager can be a stressful experience at the best of times.

Selecting the right financial product is often very complicated and surrounded by unnecessary jargon.

So how would you react if you were sitting in a waiting room, anxiously anticipating the arrival of a financial professional, only for an 8 year old to walk in and confidently inform you of the range of credit cards available to you?


This is exactly what happened in Belgium when Record Bank let a group of enthusiastic youngsters loose in one of their branches.

To show just how easy banking with Record can be, two employees were sent to teach young children the principles of banking so simply that they could impart it themselves immediately afterwards – for an entire day.


Wearing suits and offering firm handshakes, the boys and girls at first received a lot of perplexed looks from their unsuspecting clients. Unruffled, they confidently explained debit cards, credit cards and loans to grown-ups … using toys, sweets and biscuits as props.

This face to face marketing quickly illustrated Record’s claim that banking really can be child’s play. Watch the video to see the reactions for yourself:

Much like Freshpet’s product sampling stunt, we love how this unique activation uses children to inject an element of fun and support the message of simplicity into an otherwise arduous task.

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