Ralph Lauren’s mirrors offer unique experience


We’ve all had to face those unforgiving dressing room mirrors.

Squished in the cramped rooms under harsh lights, trying on possible new purchases is not always the most enjoyable experience.

But Ralph Lauren has set out to change that.


The luxury designer is trialling unique interactive mirrors in the changing rooms of their flagship NYC store, with the experiential installation looking to take the shopping experience to a whole new level.

Starting out just like any typical shopping trip, visitors to the store browse the clothes rails until they find items they would like to try on. But once they enter the changing rooms, the fun begins!

Each dressing room cubicle has been fitted out with touch screen mirrors. These full length interactive mirrors include all the features shoppers might possibly need while trying on clothes, offering up the chance for every step of their shopping journey to be personalised.

As they walk into the cubicle, the futuristic mirror registers each item the shopper has brought with them. Every detail of the clothes, including size and colour, are then logged on the screen.


If after trying on the clothes the shopper discovers they need a new size, they no longer have to resort to poking their heads around a curtain to attract attention. Instead the mirror allows them to call for assistance without ever needing to leave the changing room.   

But the magic doesn’t stop there: shoppers can also use the mirrors to browse other items in the store and check recommendations based on their current items. Just like online shopping, they can ‘save’ the item and the mirror will text the information straight to their phone. And reflecting the rich diversity of NYC residents, the mirror can be operated in multiple languages.

Watch the interactive mirrors at work here:

Shop figures continue to drop with greater numbers of buyers moving primarily to online shopping. By offering up heightened personalisation through technology, Ralph Lauren has cleverly brought one of the best features of online shopping straight to their retail store.  

Similar to Nissan’s ‘drive football’ stunt, this is a great example of how brands can embrace innovative technology to create an engaging and fulfilling brand experience.

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