PlayStation videos depict immersive movie experiences


Sony’s PlayStation3 has uploaded a series of intriguing videos to promote its online movie store


The videos show a man sat on a sofa experiencing an all-round virtual game like world. Yet, it’s not virtual, it’s real. Each video is filmed in a single take and without the use of post production trickery or green screens. PlayStation used “Immersive Imaging”, a projection technique that combines 3D projection mapping  with the PlayStation Move motion sensing controller.  The controller was attached to the camera allowing the projections to be tracked in real time.  

Unfortunately, the view from the camera is best and the experience probably wasn’t quite so immersive for the man in the video.  So there is still a way to go until we can experience films that literally fill the room around us. But the concept is certainly interesting and the fact that the videos have already clocked up almost 1 million combined views on YouTube in a week shows just how sharable these films have become, pushing more people towards the PlayStation movie site.

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