Pepsi celebrates World Emoji Day with interactive pop-up


Who doesn’t love to use emojis?

In the space of just a few short years, these colourful characters have become central to how many of us communicate each and every day.

No longer are we restricted to expressing our thoughts using mere words. We now have a staggeringly huge range of symbols available, just begging to be used.


And with the massive popularity of emojis, brands are increasingly keen to find quirky and memorable ways to tap into this growing trend.

One such brand is Pepsi. The drinks giant recently launched a global campaign promoting their own ‘PepsiMoji’ designs. And as part of the campaign, the brand opened an interactive pop-up this month to celebrate World Emoji Day.

Yes, this day actually now exists. And it was created by the founder of Emojipedia, no less. 

Called “Love: From Cave To Keyboard, Imagined By Pepsi,” the immersive exhibit explored the evolution of non-verbal communications of love. It looked at everything, from cave drawings and smoke signals right through to silent film and the modern-day emoji.


The pop-up featured a variety of interactive exhibits, with each focusing on a different type of non-verbal communication.

First up was a giant ‘cave wall’ showing the earliest forms of communication. Alongside a 3D exhibit decorated with ancient runes and hieroglyphics, guests had the chance to explore ancient cave drawings through a virtual reality headset and create their own heart-shaped smoke signals.

Jumping ahead to more modern times, the next exhibit portrayed love through film. Sitting in an Art Deco-style theatre, guests were treated to great moments of love in cinema through a silent film.

Other activations included a custom photo booth where guests were transformed into a range of PepsiMoji designs; a Betty Boop PepsiMoji exhibit; and a romantic play told through the medium of sign language.


Packed full of interactive experiences, this immersive pop-up brought to life the brand’s PepsiMoji in a highly engaging and fun way. It’s another great example of Pepsi delivering a memorable experience to help build brand love, following on from Pepsi Max’s drone football activation last year.  

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