The growing importance of shopper marketing

Big brand experiences and ad campaigns can be fantastic for building brand awareness and driving desire.


ASICS run engaging campaign in lead up to the NY marathon

ASICS installed a video, in a subway station in New York, that challenged people to race against Ryan Hall, a marathon runner from the USA. The 60 ft long video wall invites people to race Ryan, then after a ten second countdown you're off as a running Ryan appears on the screen!


British Gas turns to Because for RAC Future Car Challenge Event

The Future Car Challenge is an annual race from Brighton to London involving cars of the near future. The winner is the vehicle which uses the least energy. Entrants range from commercial manufacturers to privateers.


Nokia and Deadmau5 to light up London

Nokia and Deadmau5 hold a one-night event on the Millbank Toweer to launch the Nokia Lumia 800


Mercedes Benz launch new campaign that makes you look twice

A C-Class Coupe was parked in front of a street scene that had been made to look like it was blurred by fast motion. The scene included 3D models of a blurred fire hydrant, parking sign and post box that were placed in front of a blurred wall with a billboard. On that you can just make out the words "Looks fast. Even in park. The 450hp 2011 C-Class Coupe".


Volkswagen ambient campaign transformed by social media.

Long-exposure photographs, featuring the Volkswagen Jetta GLI creating "light paintings", were framed and hung in various locations around Canada. Anyone who walked past these pop-up galleries was free to take a framed photo home


Panadol Extra shows what it’s like to have a headache

Panadol Extra came up with this great stunt to promote the pain reliever to the public in Indonesia. It illustrates the feeling of a bad headache so well that we almost felt we were developing one!


IBM is celebrating its 100th anniversary by exhibiting in New York.

The month long exhibition explores the technological advancements of the past century and the way that "science has improved our daily lives" alongside the "possibilities unleashed by technology". To highlight this IBM has created a sensory experience, which included 47 foot screens


Nike wows crowd with spectacular light projections

Nike launch the new Jordan Melo M8 trainer at an events that featured DJs, games and a spectacular light show