Voyages ‘Escape Machine’ brand experience in Paris

This is one of the coolest brand experiences we've seen in a while!


Car park is latest setting for experiential launch

Instead of offering the standard midnight sale for its newest game release, this US-based video game retailer transformed an ordinary car park into an video games arcade where gamers could play the new release on large inflatable movie screens.


Fantastic New Guerilla Marketing Examples

We loved looking through the latest post from Guerilla Freelancing who has compiled a brilliant collection of creative and witty Guerilla Marketing stunts.


Porsche thanks one million Facebook fans

Porsche created a wraparound for a GT3 R Hybrid covered with fan's names. If you’re amongst their 1 million fans, you can search for your name, and zoom in too. Unfortunately, it's tough getting 1 million names on one car so it's only a lucky 10,000 that can actually see their name.


Yahoo bus stops – video games while you wait

Yahoo have installed an interactive display board which allows bus commuters to play trivia and puzzle games while they wait. Scores are added to a collective total and highest ranking neighbourhood wins an exclusive party with OK Go!


The 7 Rules of Brand Experience

Brand experience is now fully embraced by brands and agencies alike, and as a result, the benchmark for a great brand experience has been significantly raised.


Interactive touchscreen vending machines from Japan!

The Japanese are always one step ahead when it comes to anything technical, so it's no surprise they've invented the interactive vending machine!


Caribou Coffee bus stops bring a new meaning to ‘hotspot’

Caribou Coffee are offering a fun but functional total immersion experience for locals in the snowy city of Minneapolis. Their oven-shaped bus shelters come complete with working heaters to convey the 'Hot 'n Wholesome' brand message whilst warming those freezing tootsies at the same time!


Is this the ultimate swimming experience?

Fancy a dip, you'll need a head for heights!