Organ Donor Foundation’s touching live brand experience


Imagine waiting in the blistering cold for the release of a gadget that you’ve been coveting for many months. You’ve had no sleep for hours on end, let alone toilet breaks, but you’re prepared to wait. After all, it’s important to you.

Apple Organ Donor

Picture how relieved you would be if a kind stranger offered to wait in line for you. How would you repay such a generous gesture? With chocolates? Flowers?

How about donating one of your organs?

To raise awareness of the length of organ donor waiting lists, The Organ Donor Foundation launched their latest experiential campaign – Reborn To Be Alive – outside an Apple store in Brussels, as scores of people waited in line to be among the first to own the latest iPhone.

With some people waiting for more than two days for the new handset, Apple fans were made a very unique offer. Three people currently waiting for an organ transplant offered to take peoples’ places in the queue, stating that they themselves were used to waiting.

The only catch: the Apple fans had to register as organ donors in return. Who could say no to that?

With reactions caught on camera, it makes for truly moving viewing.

Raising awareness of important issues in such a personal and emotive way can make a huge difference.

Like Public Health England’s Be Clear on Cancer campaign, this simple live brand experience used real people with real stories to bring home a powerful and humbling message: that, for some, waiting really can be a matter of life or death.   

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