On secondment in Australia: Carl Stanley-Jones


Here at Because, we’re big on championing agency talent and providing training and development opportunities for our staff.


We are an employee-focused business and staff are empowered and supported to take on a lot of responsibility. As part of this ethos, we offer a 6 month secondment to all staff that reach Senior Account Executive level.

We have just whisked Carl Stanley-Jones, who has been working with the UK BEcause team since 2012, off to Sydney to work with our amazing Because Australia team for 6 months.

Carl tells us his in his own words how it’s all going down under…

– What are you learning from your secondment?

It’s very early days but already I’ve been exposed to the largest show in Australia as I have been working on the Woolworths account. Due to being on site assisting with the set up I’m learning great practical skills and especially learning how to finesse a stand’s look.

Being exposed to such a large scale event gives the opportunity to work with a number of contacts at Woolworths as well as external suppliers which is a great learning opportunity – all in one event!CJ_at_Bondi_2

– Is it different from working in the UK? How?

There are a lot of similarities in the ways of working; similar documents, similar working culture and similar working processes.

But the main difference is considerations in planning for events. The country is so huge with different time zones and climates. Getting deliveries from one place to the next isn’t as easy as getting a same day delivery; the country is so big that more time has to be put aside to ensure deliveries are made when required. Considerations on communications is a must too. For example, setting up a conference call at 2pm may then be 3pm in a different region- small things like this wouldn’t even be a passing thought in the UK.

–  Are you enjoying the Australian lifestyle? Why?

I love the AUS lifestyle. It’s all about the outdoors; whether it be exercising, eating, drinking, everything is outside! There are so many things to do in such a small area that everything is accessible and rather than struggling to know what to do on the weekend it’s more like struggling to know what not to do. Do I take a trip to Frazer Island to go snorkelling, Bondi Beach for a swim or get a ferry to Taronga Zoo? It’s been so great already!CJ_at_Bondi_3

– How has this experience helped you?

Already the experience has got me thinking about how we can better processes back in England or improve them here. I feel like being in another country, having no choice but to throw myself into work and socialising, this experience is only going to develop my confidence further. The experience has helped me get visibility of the great work BE AUS are doing out here. We get updates back in the UK but seeing the events and meeting the team is already making me proud of our agency and how we have developed over the years.

–  Why do you think it’s important to do secondments?

I really do think the transferring of skills, the bringing together of  agencies and being exposed to brands that you wouldn’t typically be working on in the UK is great for honing new skills and ideas for similar brands in the UK.

There may be a method of delivery out in Australia that Woolworths is implementing that may then be able to be considered for Sainsbury’s back in the UK – or vice versa.

It’s a great way to showcase what Because is all about. Creating experiences that are valuable; this secondment is what Because is all about!

We’re always looking for stars at Because and are absolutely set on having the best people in the business working with us. Other schemes include the Graduate Scheme, our Global Talent Hunt, and an LLP scheme where you are invited to become a partner in the business after 18 months.

Interested in working for Because? Check out our vacancies here.

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