North Face’s South Pole virtual reality brand experience


Can you imagine what it would feel like to camp in the South Pole?

The freezing cold, the many layers of extra warm clothes, the very unusual means of transport to navigate such tough terrain?

North Face brand experience

Shoppers in a South Korean mall recently had the opportunity to experience the South Pole first-hand through the use of virtual reality technology. Little did they know, however, that the real adventure would begin when the VR headset came off!

To introduce shoppers to their new McMurdo coat collection, North Face created a replica of a South Pole camp within a pop-up store. Shoppers were invited to take a seat for what they understood to be a 3D South Pole experience. Complete with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, shoppers donned the VR gear and were swiftly transported to a fantasy world, one in which they were made to feel like they were being pulled along by a dog sled.

North Face brand experience

Once fully immersed in the experience, their headsets were removed and they found that what had started out as virtual reality had quickly become all too real!

Yanked through the makeshift wall of the popup store, shoppers found themselves being pulled along in a North Face branded sled by actual snow dogs! Following a heart-racing lap of the mall, the participants of the memorable experience were able to grab themselves their very own McMurdo coat.

Just like the brand’s past Never Stop Exploring activation, North Face delivered a brand experience that is unlikely to be forgotten by shoppers – showcasing the capabilities of their products in an exciting and creative way that inspires exploration and adventure.

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