NIVEA‘s fun-filled experiential stunt tackles the sun


A sweltering sunny day spent at the beach is a rare treat for Brits.

But in South Africa’s far more favourable climate it’s a common occurrence, bringing with it both great joy and big risks.


With one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, time spent outside in the sunshine can be incredibly dangerous for South African children. The regular application of sunscreen provides essential protection against harmful UV rays, but as any parent will know, it’s often very challenging to keep kids fully covered.

Recognising that most children would much prefer to be playing in the water than putting on sunscreen, personal care brand NIVEA came up with a creative solution to the problem: combining the two!

In an example of experiential excellence, the brand introduced the ‘NIVEA SunSlide’ – a giant inflatable slip ‘n slide which sprayed kids with water-resistant sunscreen while they played on it. And yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.


Dispensers on the slide continuously sprayed SPF 50+ sunscreen onto the delighted kids, transforming the unpleasant application of sunscreen into hours of fun.

Set up on one of South Africa’s most popular beaches, 50 litres of sunscreen were used to protect 100 kids every hour.

Unable to resist the slide, kids were soon lining up to take their turn on the SunSlide:

Similar to Disney’s interactive Mad Hatter billboard, NIVEA’s important campaign shows how offering consumers a fun face-to-face experience can engage them in your brand in a very positive way and have a huge impact on product awareness.

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