Nescafe’s experiential pop-up unites neighbours


Everybody needs good neighbours.

Community matters, and feeling connected with the lives of those around you can make a huge difference to wellbeing.

But today’s pace of life can make this difficult to forge close relationships. Sometimes, the closest people are also the most distant.


Recognising this, coffee company Nescafe recently launched a warming experiential activation in the centre of Milan. One with an ambitious goal: to bring neighbours closer together.

And what better way to kickstart a good relationship than with a nice chat over a cup of coffee?

The coffee experts surprised residents of one block of flats in Milan, by staging a campaign called ‘The Nextdoor Hello’ – an overnight pop-up activation that connected neighbours by linking their balconies with Nescafe branded coffee bars.


Emerging onto their balconies in the morning, surprised residents discovered their very own coffee cup, jar of Nescafe and hot water awaiting for them – and their closest neighbour.

A prominent banner across the street encouraged each resident to ‘Get closer to those closest to you.’

Soon, surprise turned to joy, as residents made the most of the early-morning sun to share a cup of coffee with their neighbours, chat, take selfies and feel far more connected.

Linked closely to the brand’s tagline, ‘It all starts with a Nescafe’, it’s another good example of bringing a brand to life while also creating a memory forged deeply in brand principles.

It’s not the first time Nescafe has used an experiential stunt to bring people together.  Last year, a stunt in Berlin saw the brand connect strangers with a novel ‘push together’ road crossing.

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