Nature’s Miracle amusing Pee in the Park experience


Many of us are reluctant to believe something until we see it with our own eyes. In terms of marketing, this can be a huge challenge for those using more traditional platforms, as brands try to make consumers believe what they are offering truly works, with only clever wording and imagery to rely on.

And with up to 30% of people now using ad-blocking programmes, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

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This highlights the importance of experiential marketing in today’s media landscape. If a brand can provide a memorable experience while showcasing what they offer, it’s a win-win situation.

A recent example that illustrates this is from stain removal brand Nature’s Miracle. The brand believed that consumers would more than likely fail to believe just how powerful its product was, unless they saw it in action in a fun and unique way.

To achieve this, Nature’s Miracle took over a section of a park that was popular amongst dog walkers and covered it in pure white, gleaming carpet: something of a nightmare to many pooch owners.

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The brand lured in passing dogs and their owners by offering balls to play with, water, and benches for those craving a rest. Dogs were then given a free pass to do whatever they wanted on the carpet and were allowed to make as much mess as they desired.

We’ll leave it to you to imagine what happened next.

Once the mess had been made, a Nature’s Miracle representative went behind and sprayed the mess with the brand’s pet stain and odour remover, showcasing that it could successfully remove every little bit of the mess. Impressive.

This campaign by Nature’s Miracle showcases the power of face to face. By going directly to its target audience, the brand guaranteed that people would pay attention. But by clearly showcasing how the brand could benefit consumers’ lives in a creative way, Nature’s Miracle not only increased brand awareness, but also helped to pave the way for ongoing brand loyalty.

For another great example of targeting the right audience at the right time in the right place, take a look at luggage company Samsonite’s wrap campaign – a simple yet certainly effective approach.

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