M&Ms celebrates 75 years with VR spectacle


There really is nothing on earth quite like virtual reality.

The hugely-immersive and rapidly-evolving technology continues to surprise and delight us. And it’s now taken centre stage as part of a celebration for one of the world’s most beloved candy treats.

To mark the 75th anniversary of M&Ms, New York-based street artist Brian Donnelly – better known simply as KAWS – teamed up with luxury art and fashion title Visionaire to deliver an incredible VR experience at the New York Public Library.M&Ms VR image 2.jpg

Few clues were offered to visitors in advance – the simply-titled project ‘KAWS, a VR experience’ gave little away. Upon arrival, VR headsets were offered to attendees, who were invited to sit down in modular swivel chairs ready to enjoy the experience.M&Ms VR image 1.jpg

Shortly afterwards, KAWS himself enters the space and talks about a number of the projects he is currently working on, referring to colourful art installations adorning sparse white walls. A couple of minutes in, he leaves the room to “look for something” – and that’s when the fun really begins.

In incredible fashion, KAWS’ colourful works of art spring to life in mesmeric 3D fashion, with 360˚ CGI footage leaving viewers in awe. It’s an explosion of vibrant colour, light and sound; one that draws to a close just as swiftly as it begins, with the colours zooming their way into a big bowl of M&Ms as KAWS returns to the scene, seemingly none the wiser.M&Ms VR image 3.jpg

Available to view via M&Ms’ official YouTube channel, this sensory overload has to be seen to be believed.

Cutting-edge technologies like VR and augmented reality continue to add whole new dimensions to experiential marketing, and are being increasingly adopted in unexpected ways. From The Dali Museum’s enchanting VR experience to American aerospace company Lockheed Martin’s VR journey across the galaxy, there’s only one way to stay up to date with the technology’s latest surprises. Watch this space.

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