Mizuno connects consumers to influencers through interactive Smart Shelf


If you haven’t heard already (where have you been), social media influencers now play a pivotal role in word-of-mouth generated sales.

Whether it’s a beauty product, a new model SUV or the latest fishing gear, a genuine influencer review can have incredible value. Increasingly, more brands are recognising the power of influencer marketing to drive sales and boost brand love

While 55% of consumers research the opinion of digital influencers before making an important purchase, in Brazil, 70% of purchasing decisions are still made in store.

Inspired by this trend, sports equipment and clothing company, Mizuno, incorporated an influencer driven tactic into its existing shopper marketing experience in Brazil.

The brand created an interactive display labelled the ‘Smart Shelf’ which connected consumers to a team of brand influencers through an in-built tablet. When a trainer is removed from the shelf, a video call is made automatically to a relevant influencer who offers his/her opinion and presents the USP of the shoe.

While the shoppers were surprised at first, it is apparent that the influencers’ guidance is appreciated as they listen to the recommendations. 

Drawing on the authenticity and trust that comes with genuine influencer reviews, the ambassadors tell the consumers about their chosen trainer qualities such as “great cushioning and stability” or “comforting and very smooth”. The video-ad had a hi-tech and futuristic feel, capturing the performance driven angle of the campaign.

rsz_mizuno (1)

To add an experiential element to the in-store campaign, the influencers tell the shoppers “instead of just talking to you, there’s a treadmill in the store – so I invite you to put your sneakers on and test it”. 

The personalised shopping experience boosted trial with 78% of consumers and sales increased by 26%.

rsz_mizuno2 (1)

Working with influencers enabled Mizuno to communicate its products and technologies directly with its consumers in a clear and instructive manner. The highly memorable and interactive experience was very effective in building an authentic brand connection.

As the world becomes increasingly obsessed with all things digital, many brands are using social media trends to inform their marketing strategies, such as the USPS unboxing campaign, and Airbnb’s instafamous animal experience.

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