Mini and Jeep get fans to check-in


At the Brussels Auto Show, which runs until the 22nd of this month, Mini has created a stunt designed to encourage online engagement with the Countryman in a real-life setting.mini_fan_the_flame_preview-580x435 

The Mini is on a slope and is attached to a length of rope. By liking the Facebook page you can then control a flame that flairs up weakening the rope each time.  The idea is that the person who finally clicks and severs the rope wins the Mini.  This is an attempt to blend experiential with live website activity and it will be interesting to see the results.  We’ll keep you updated.


In Poland, Jeep created a campaign that tapped into the increasingly popular trend for geolocation gaming.  Check-in points were scattered across the entire country in “hard to reach” and remote locations.  Players could check in to these location and work their way up a leader board to win prizes.  The player who scored the highest number of remote points won a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  We ran a campaign last year for Timberland that used geocashing to encourage participants to get out and about and check in.  It is a great way to marry up adventure with tech-savvy consumers.

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