Midori takes consumers on experiential journey


Imagine you’re walking down the street and you hear a voice on a mysterious telephone asking you to say hello in Japanese.

How would you feel – surprised? Excited? Curious? What would you do?

Liqueur brand Midori encouraged people in America to do just that as part of a highly creative experiential campaign. To bring Midori’s vibrant world to life, the brand allowed consumers to literally step through a billboard into an immersive and sensory-engaging experience that showcased the brand’s heritage.


Passers-by to the activation were encouraged to answer a retro phone attached to a street billboard with the phrase “Moshi Moshi to Midori”. When they did so, a secret door opened. Upon entering, the surprised consumers were then immersed in the vibrant and wacky world of Midori.

The ‘Moshi Moshi to Midori’ experience offered visitors the chance to engage with the brand in three very different experiential spaces.

First up was ‘The Game Show Room’. With a distinctly Japanese inspired look, the room had a nightclub feel with vibrant light, psychedelic colourful walls and pulsing sound. Inside the room, guests tried their hand at a game show styled steady-hand rope game.


Next was ‘The Melon Grove’. With natural lights and white walls, this room was designed to transport the visitors to a high-end Japanese farmer’s market where they had the chance to taste the melons used in the liqueur.

Finally, the Midori guests were taken into ‘The Casting Room’. Inside this room they were encouraged to step in front of a camera and say “Moshi Moshi to Midori” against a series of Japanese backdrops.

Throughout the whole experience the guests sampled the Midori cocktails for themselves, ensuring the experience was a feast for all the senses.

See for yourself how the campaign came to life:

Much like our ticketed sensory tour for The Macallan, this campaign shows that taking consumers on a journey through a brand’s heritage can be a highly effective and powerful way of building all-important brand love.

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