Microsoft spreads harmony in experiential stunt


The build up to Christmas reminds us all of the importance of peace and harmony towards one another.

It’s a time to be kind and lay grudges to rest.

But who would have thought that two global technology rivals would be willing to openly embrace the season of goodwill?


When it comes to competitors, they don’t come much bigger than Microsoft and Apple. The two long-established technology giants remain fiercely competitive even after all these years, so the opening of a flagship new Microsoft store on New York’s Fifth Avenue could have led to more animosity between the brands.

Instead, the team at the new NYC store chose to offer up a face to face peace offering to Apple.

With a little help from the Harlem Youth Choir, Microsoft employees flooded down to the nearby Apple store to sing in beautiful harmony directly outside the eye-catching glass building.


The people of Apple were touched as they listened to a rendition of ’Let There Be Peace On Earth.’ As the performance came to an end, employees from both companies united to share a touching moment together, demonstrating that an act of kindness can be irresistible to even the biggest of rivals.

After all, it is the season to be jolly.

See for yourself what happened on Fifth Avenue:

Similar to the simplicity behind #WishUponACoke, Microsoft proves that sometimes there is no substitute for face to face when it comes to getting a message across.

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