Mexico Board of Tourism creates raining tequila experience


We’re constantly bombarded by adverts trying to grab our attention, almost to the extent that we become immune to brand messages. But with marketing being so paramount to a brand’s success, extra efforts must be made to grab an audience’s interest and build brand love.

Experiential marketing has long been at the forefront of this shift, and time and time again we are seeing its ability to cut through the noise and generate buzz. But the show isn’t over yet for this form of marketing and brands are still finding new and inventive ways to stand out amongst the competition.

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Mexico Board of Tourism recently went the extra creative mile when it wanted to promote itself as the perfect vacation destination. It took to an exhibition in Berlin to cheer up those suffering from the rainy-day blues.

To do so, the Mexico Board of Tourism created a cloud that rained tequila in-sync with when it rained in the German capital – which just so happened to be a lot, meaning a large volume of the Mexican spirit was on offer.

To make it appear as more realistic as possible, flashing lights and a smoke machine were used to make it look like the ultimate storm. As a result, consumers were seen filling up shot glasses and engaging directly with the tourist board.

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To create the alcoholic cloud, ultrasonic humidifiers were used to vibrate the tequila at a frequency that made it turn into a visible mist, which was then condensed into a liquid form, making it fall like raindrops.

A unique and engaging approach such as this can deliver huge returns. Creating something that has never been done before in order to generate a conservation and special moment is a highly valuable way to create a positive memory and influence brand advocacy.

This isn’t the first tourism brand to have fun with its consumers, of course. Why not take a look at when Belize Tourism Board created the world’s first drum controlled billboard or when Jamaica Tourism Board teamed up with airline company JetBlue to cheer up commuters in New York?

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