Meredith Cranmer’s 10 reflection points to celebrate 10yrs of ANZ


There’s no secret to growing a healthy, happy agency business. It simply needs talent and tenacity. With Meredith at the helm, ANZ are a shining example of this. It’s not about size, it’s about APPETITE.


Over ten years ago now, Meredith and I agreed the principles of our partnership, we shook hands and she jetted off to Sydney to set up our first global office.

Looking back over the past decade I’m reminded of many unforgettable moments and how I’d often think of Because ANZ when standing on the platform at Waterloo station, looking at Hiscox’s latest ad. Surely these ads were being written specifically with ANZ in mind? Absolutely no-one gets it as right as Hiscox do in terms of getting inside the heads of small-business owners!

There are heaps of support networks for young entrepreneurs these days but back then it was a different story. Mere had all of us in the UK of course, but being alone in a foreign market is a tough gig. Inspired by Cast Away, where Wilson the volleyball serves as Tom Hank’s only mate, we sent Mere her own Wilson, which ironically helped reduced the volume of daily telephone calls to myself and Jason (her husband). During my first visit I also recall Mere having a good cry telling me how hard it all was. I asked Mere if she wanted to change things, her immediate response was “no way!”. She just needed to let off a bit of steam – we all do at times. Thereafter followed moments of sheer jubilation with each ‘first’ – first creds, first pitch, first PO, first award, etc. – combined, of course, with moments of heartache too.

Gareth was our first senior director, we took our time, we recruited well, and almost overnight Meredith and Gareth became a formidable duo. Both have worked very hard indeed to have an incredibly talented team around them across ANZ now. 2020/21 should have been our hardest year ever, however it’s been one of our best years ever. There’s no secret to growing a healthy, happy agency business. It simply needs talent and tenacity. ANZ are a shining example of this.

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