Meet Monica Postle, our new Account Manager.


Trendsetting traveller. Music concert maestro. Beach bum. And last, but not least: rockstar marketer. Meet Monica, team Because’s latest legend.

Monica is a really lovely person, but she’s made us green with envy. We’re trying to be mature about this, but honestly, Monica’s wanderlust and travel history have made us jelly. Her downtime is all about adventures, both local and international, and she’s already planned her next overseas conquest. “We’re going travelling when we can! My friends and I went on a great European trip and one that took us to the USA, Mexico and Cuba before COVID hit,” explains Monica. “I’m excited to get back into that.”  

Oh, and just so you know, she’s about to leave for her next big adventure, and this one revolves around arguably the best music festival in the world: Coachella. I mean, can you deal? 

When our new digital marketing expert isn’t crossing borders, she’s a big fan of sand and Vitamin D. “I live near the beach, so I go on a beach walk most mornings and hang out in the sun on the weekends,” says Monica. “I enjoy visiting new bars and restaurants with friends or my partner. I enjoy weekends away up and down the coast, visiting different types of markets in Sydney (fashion, second-hand homewares, food and more), and spending time with my family.” 

On the note of family and friends, they describe her as “fun, thoughtful and sometimes, a little too honest.” When Monica isn’t spending time with them or in an office, she’s spending her time trying to get back into reading and meditating.  

We’re super lucky to have the talented Monica join our team, and we can’t wait to hear more of her travel tricks and tips and adventure stories, not to mention get the downlow on working with music stars like Dua Lipa!  

To get to know her a little better, we asked her our five signature get-to-know-you questions. 

1. Which campaign or role in your career are you most proud to have worked on?

The majority of the work in my career has been based on paid-media strategy rather than creative or experiential work, so I’m very excited to expand in that sense. One of my most exciting campaigns was for Warner Music Australia, where we planned the digital media that was activated at the time of Dua Lipa’s Mardi Gras show. This was to promote her new single at the time, ‘Physical’. All the media was targeted at people attending the event and potential future fans.

2. Which person, dead or alive, would you love to have dinner with?

Miley Cyrus! I’ve just always been a fan. She has re-invented herself in different ways over the years and is not afraid to push the limits. She also spends time working towards equality and charity and seems to have a great attitude to life.

3. What show are you currently bingeing on Netflix? And what makes it so ‘bingeable”?

I recently finished Inventing Anna which I enjoyed! It was super interesting to see how one woman can manipulate so many people by herself, using only her personality. I’ve started watching a show called The OA about people who can move through dimensions. It’s a bit creepy, but it has loads of cliff-hangers which keep you coming back for more.

4. What’s your go-to drink and why?

Margarita! Tequila is my favourite spirit, and margaritas are the perfect balance of salty and sweet.

5. Name on thing on your bucket list.

I would really like to travel through southeast Asia for a while or go hot-air ballooning. Another one which has been on the list for a while is going to Coachella music festival – but I’ll be ticking that off the list in a few weeks!

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A proud Kiwi, living in Sydney with my English husband and two Aussie kids. An avid fan of music festivals, and keen ocean swimmer; I relish connecting talented people, and seeing the magical results they create for clients.