Meet Lizelle, our new Group Account Director


With a knack for turning campaigns into masterpieces and a zest for life, Lizelle adds her creative touch to our team. From steering the [re]launch of Strongbow Apple Ciders to immersing herself in “The Lord of the Rings,” she’s a force to be reckoned with. Here’s the inside scoop on our new Because superstar.

1. Which campaign or project in your career are you most proud to have worked on? 

I was part of the team that [re]launched Strongbow Apple Ciders into the South African market. It was a massive, fully integrated campaign that I learnt a huge amount from and am still proud of.  

2. Which person, dead or alive, would you love to have dinner with? 

My Gran. She passed away when I was about 10, and I’d like to catch up with her, share my experiences, and hear her thoughts on the world today over a glass or two of wine. I believe she enjoyed (a little) wine… 

3. What show/s are you currently bingeing on Netflix? And what makes it/them so ‘bingeable’? 

I recently finished “The Lord of the Rings” in about 2/3 nights. Although I’m not particularly into the series, I thought the storyline, cinematography, and costumes were excellent. (Mmmm, I must be into the series after all 🤔) 

4. What’s your go-to drink? And why? 

It’s always an occasion for bubbles! But generally, I’ll go for a glass of wine. Aperol on a hot day is a favourite. 

5. Name at least one thing on your bucket list. 

I would really love to see the hot air balloons in Cappadocia – such a touristy thing, but an absolute once-in-a-lifetime sight. Italy and Greece are also at the top of my travel bucket list. 

6. What do you like doing in your downtime? 

I love reading and getting lost in a story, especially fantasy. Exercise is crucial for me, whether it’s at the gym or a run. I also enjoy walking in the mountain or forest. Cooking, especially for loved ones, brings me joy.  

7. Do you have a secret talent and/or a hobby? 

No wild secret talents here, but I consider reading, exercise, and cooking as my hobbies. 

8. How would your friends and family describe you? 

They might say I’m sub-human or really scary before coffee. My fiancé says, “If I’m grumpy or seem angry, bring me treats,” so I guess I get hangry and/or am very food motivated. 

9. What else do you get up with your friends? Travel? Restaurants? Do you have any particular places that you love going to? 

My friends and I have a monthly supper club where we try out new restaurants or places, we’ve been dying to visit. I love wine farms, especially if there are dogs and/or a cheese board. Our annual Langebaan girls’ trip is special and has seen us through all seasons of life. 

10. What is your job title? 

I’m a Group Account Director. 

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