Meet Jessy, our new Business Director


Introducing Jessy, our dynamic Business Director who was behind the launch of Netflix in South Africa. When she’s not exploring new recipes or binge-watching Yellowstone, Jessy can be found mushroom foraging or dreaming up her next travel adventure.

Meet Jessy

1. Which campaign or project in your career are you most proud to have worked on? 

Launching Netflix in South Africa in both social and activations.

2. Which person, dead or alive, would you love to have dinner with? 

Hands down, Taylor Swift.

3. What show/s are you currently bingeing on Netflix? And what makes it/them so ‘bingeable’? 

Yellowstone! The story, the plot, the draaaama of it all. Also living on a ranch? Dreamy.

4. What’s your go-to drink? And why? 

A Margarita. So many fun flavours! 🍸

5. Name at least one thing on your bucket list. 

Last year I was lucky enough to spend some time with the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda. I’m still in awe of that, but next up would be seeing the northern lights.

6. What do you like doing in your downtime? 

Learning a new cooking recipe, running along the coast or hiking in the mountains.

7. Do you have a secret talent and/or a hobby? 

No secret talents, but I am a mushroom forager 🍄.

8. How would your friends and family describe you? 

Probably as quite a busy body, highly organised and a slow WhatsApp responder.

9. What else do you get up to with your friends? Travel? Restaurants? Do you have any particular places that you love going to? 

We’re always trying new restaurants, and dreaming up our next travel plans.

10. What is your job title? 

Business Director. 

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I'm an award-winning entrepreneur, a passionate business mentor, and I believe that great things can happen when we work together to help others.