Meet Isobel Adamson, our new Account Exec & Events Co-ordinator.


Event maestro. Kitchen master. Super op-shopper. Future surfing pro. Isobel is bringing big talent and an even bigger heart for team Because, and we couldn’t be happier.

Meet Isobel Adamson

Calmness under pressure. It’s one of the most underrated virtues in any business, but when it comes to events, it’s gold. Juggling tight deadlines, lean budgets, ambitious briefs, and talent with delicate egos takes a very special conductor to make it all come harmoniously together on one hymn sheet. Isobel was born for this complicated challenge. The trickier it gets, the more she shines. Team Because has just recruited an ace events & activations wrangler.

“I’m so passionate about events that even in my downtime from my day job running events, I work events,” describes Isobel. “I love working at music gigs, it gives me the opportunity to meet new contacts in the industry, listen to some great music, have a boogie, as well as get backstage with the artists.”

When Isobel isn’t rocking the stage, she’s killing it in the kitchen – just not in the kitchen sink. “I love cooking! It’s my unwind time at the end of the day – but doing dishes, not so much my thing,” says Isobel. She also has another hidden talent. “I’m also really good at op-shopping, it’s a passion of mine. I love finding homeware with character and unique clothes in second-hand stores. It makes me feel like I’m doing my part for the environment by only buying second-hand wherever I can, plus it feels so good when you find the perfect item for your home or closet you didn’t know you needed until you laid eyes on it.”

Outside of shops and her kitchen, Isobel also is a part-time foodie and explorer, often riding pillion on her partner’s motorbike to new culinary and scenic adventures. “I love to go out and try new restaurants with my pals – it’s always nice to catch up over good food and great wine. I love the Tāwharanui Peninsula,” describes Isobel. “When I first got my restricted driver’s license, I would take the trip up there as often as I could, lounge on the beach and go for a swim – it’s just so tranquil. I’m pretty lazy in winter and autumn, so I like to make the most of the sun in spring and summer by getting out on road trips as often as I can. My partner and I both keep a beach blanket in our cars so we can have an impromptu picnic ready anytime.”

Talking about her partner, here’s how he describes Isobel: “Very energetic and bubbly, the life of the party. Lives very sporadically, very environmentally conscious, is loving and caring, and struggles to separate situations in movies from real life (emotional) and ADHD.”

Isobel’s mother and sister described her like this: “She’s a caring and loving person who sometimes tries to hide her softer side, but it always shines through when needed. Vibrant, strong-willed, loyal, intelligent, capable, and proactive.”

Bottom line: Team Because has just won the talent lottery. To get to know Isobel a little better, we collected her answers to our five signature get-to-know-you questions.

1. Which campaign or role in your career are you most proud to have worked on?

It’s really hard to pick out something from my career that I’m most proud of, as I’m proud of all the work I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with. However, the Aperol Spritz Press for Joy campaign was particularly memorable for how much fun it was. As part of a summer festival, we had a light-up button that anybody could press, and an exciting activation would pop out of (seemingly) nowhere to put a smile on their face. We had costume dancers pop up with giveaways for the crowd, inflatable orange toys for the crowd to play with, colour bombs go off in the mosh pit and much, much more. It was such a fun creative day that really brought joy to the guests.

2. Which person, dead or alive, would you love to have dinner with?

Stevie Nicks. I’d love to hear the ins and outs of her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham and how they created such incredible music from the drama. I’d also love a private performance of Silver Springs.

3. What show are you currently bingeing? And what makes it so ‘bingeable’?

Love Island. It’s just so bad it’s good. Also, Friends. It’s a comfort show – never lets me down. I get inspiration from Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica on outfits. It’s really upped my fashion game. When I’m painting my nails in front of the TV, it’s normally Parks and Recreation or The Office on in the background.
4. What’s your go-to drink? And why?

Bundaberg Ginger Beer and Gin, with a squeeze of fresh lime. I can’t describe how delightful it is, you just have to try it.

5. Name one thing on your bucket list.

I’m looking forward to going surfing in Bali sometime with my partner. We both can’t surf but figure Bali would be the best place to chill out for a couple of weeks and take some lessons. I’m also very keen on sailing around somewhere on a yacht. I’m not too sure where exactly but if I am on a yacht, I’ll be happy 😊.

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A proud Kiwi, living in Sydney with my English husband and two Aussie kids. An avid fan of music festivals, and keen ocean swimmer; I relish connecting talented people, and seeing the magical results they create for clients.