Meet Anna-Lena Hagen, our new Senior Account Manager


Our newest addition is a super-talented marketer that works and lives like a rockstar. We’re huge fans of Anna-Lena; she is a big-energy, big-charisma win for team Because.

So, we need to take a nap. Discovering what Anna-Lena achieves daily makes us feel both tired and a little ‘jelly’ simultaneously. She works and lives at 100 miles an hour, and we suspect she doesn’t sleep – surely that’s the only way she fits all her activities in. Exotic traveller, concertgoer, restaurant rater, bar expert, fitness fundi, and sports star. Oh, and before we forget, she also crushes marketing campaigns during office hours.

“My friends and family who follow me on Instagram are convinced that all I do is eat out, drink, go to festivals, or travel – but to be fair, that pretty much describes how I fill my spare time,” explains Anna-Lena. “I love trying new restaurants – there are just so many good ones in London. My friends and I love a good weekend bottomless brunch and it’s slowly becoming difficult to find places where one of us hasn’t been to. Our recent favourites have been Kettners and Pachamama East. But anything to do with eating is usually our favourite activity – a regular of ours is Gloria (I recommend the truffle pizza),” shares Anna-Lena. “However, one of the highlights of this year has been going to Glastonbury and watching Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Noel Gallagher and Sam Fender.”

Anna-Lena is just getting started. “I can never say no to a weekend trip or a summer or skiing holiday. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling Australia, Asia, South America, and the US, so my latest focus has been on weekend getaways in the UK or trips within Europe. Who knew I didn’t need to fly 15 hours to discover amazing places and delicious food?” says Anna-Lena.

If you think that’s the full extent of her schedule, then you are wrong. Very wrong. “To try balance out all the eating, you’ll usually find me at very early gym classes at Blok or Hotpod Yoga where I try my best at everything from Pilates, boxing, HITT, yoga and more,” explains Anna-Lena. But wait, there’s more. “I love any kind of sport or activity. Anything from volleyball, table tennis, mini golf, cycling, or walking – but my favourite is beer pong (I think this still counts as active!). I’m extremely competitive and love any fun kind of competition,” says Anna-Lena.

By now, you’d think that she’d use any leftover free time to recuperate and relax, but once again, you’d be wrong. “If there’s a free weekend, I travel to Germany to spend time with my family and friends and to walk our family dog Balu. I’m obsessed with Balu: he’s the best dog in the world!”

On the note of family and friends, they describe Anna-Lena as “loud, kind, generous, reliable, (very) competitive and always up for fun.” Team Because is much richer thanks to the recruitment of this rockstar. We can’t wait to learn more about her high-glamour, high-pace lifestyle (and to visit her culinary secret spots). To get to know her a little better, we asked her our five signature get-to-know-you questions.

1. Which campaign or role in your career are you most proud to have worked on?

One of the campaigns I’m most proud of was the interactive virtual strategy launch event for Diageo’s luxury portfolio Diageo Reserve. To excite and engage their global team, we hosted a launch event with a difference, which took place in a custom-built 3D virtual world with video networking, live streaming from two stages, interactive bar tenders and brand booths, fourteen custom video edits, chats and emoji functionality and a live video Q&A session from Amsterdam. Over 1,200 guests from around the world joined us in the metaverse over two sessions for an unforgettable event. This was my first experience with the metaverse and I’m sure won’t be my last.

2. Which person, dead or alive, would you love to have dinner with?

Jameela Jamil. She speaks the truth and would be a great dinner party guest plus a fun and motivational best friend.

3. What show are you currently bingeing? And what makes it so ‘bingeable’?

My latest show I’ve binged has been ‘The Good Fight.’ I’m a sucker for a good lawyer show with as many court scenes as possible. Otherwise, I love watching crime dramas and thrillers (but can’t be too scary) or some regular trash tv (I hate to admit it but Love Island is one of them).

4. What’s your go-to drink? And why?

When I first moved to London it was a Pornstar Martini but in the last few years I have moved on from the sweetness and it has now well and truly been replaced by a Spicy Margie. Simply delicious! This is closely followed by a good old Bloody Mary.

5. Name one thing on your bucket list.

I’ve been very lucky and have spent a lot of time travelling the world however one big thing that has been on my bucket list for a while is an African Safari and spotting the Big Five in their natural habitat. And while I am across, I’d of course make sure to visit some of the wine regions. It would be rude not to…

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