Matt provides dream hangover experience


As experiential marketing is starting to become more widely used, brands are having to find new and innovative ways to make sure their activations stand out and are effective.

A creative, and clearly targeted, experiential campaign is a great starting point to build brand loyalty, and one way to use it to great effect is by giving consumers what they want in a time of need.

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Online mattress company Matt recently provided an experience for hungover folk; giving those feeling particularly delicate exactly what they desire, a bed.

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But not just this, The Hangover Bar, located in Amsterdam, also offered customers the chance to watch their favourite movies, enjoy a flow of Innocent smoothies, delicious food, and even an oxygen tank – making it the best hangover of their life.

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To ensure everyone in the bar was still slightly under the influence, keen partakers were given a breath test upon arrival and if they were found to have enough alcohol still in their system, they were invited in.

This is a great example of providing a niche group of consumers with something they crave at exactly the right time. Another example of a stunt that has used this technique is when Carslberg targeted those waiting for a taxi and treated them to the car ride of their life.

This campaign will definitely spring to mind the next time we’ve partied that little bit too hard.

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