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Imagine you could read the future and bet on the next big thing in social media? Our Crystal Ball is here to help. Meet Pinza®, the future of smarter, and safer, social media.


Contrary to belief, social media apps are still a massive area of opportunity, and even though there are established players with monopolies in their respective areas, there are unicorns that are waiting to be discovered. We’re talking the next Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Krieger or Systrom; it’s just a matter of backing the right horse. Get it right, and your return could grow exponentially within just a few years: one such example is TikTok, it was only launched internationally four years ago! Finding the next big social media platform will also help you tap into the notoriously fickle but commercially viable younger Gen Y and Z markets. To help you discover your next social media investment or partner, we’re sharing a sure-fire bet – Pinza®. Created by the same award-winning team who built the Angry Birds brand and franchise, it’s a breakthrough new social media platform that’s poised to leverage safer socialising in a post-lockdown world, so the timing couldn’t be better.

Here’s how it works: Pinza® enables users (your friends) to add stories, locations, audio and more to media. Case in point: you’re heading out post-lockdown with a small group of friends, and you’re doing a bar hop across the city. You’re visiting different (completely sanitised) pubs, restaurants, speakeasies, secret spots and more on your night-time adventure. Along the way, you’re snapping selfies, photobombing friend’s photos, recording voice notes, and singing songs – and all these golden media nuggets are automatically dropped onto a richly-detailed LiveMap with timestamps. It’s also combined with a secure Chat (on the map) with end-to-end client encryption that is more secure than WhatsApp and just as good as Signal, and which lets you share pins, comments, media and more. It’s taking all your content off the other platform feeds, and letting you create your own story with more control, depth and privacy. It’s content, but with context, and it’s all shaped by you (or rather your MapMoji® avatar) on a canvas with more tools, interactivity, and richer media.

One nifty feature of this bespoke social media platform is that it’s totally private to you and everything is encrypted: you decide who you want to share your maps and adventures with. You have full control over your location, so you, and the media you drop, can be precise or approximate, or even invisible. Not only is it safer in terms of privacy, but it also means that nothing is shared that you don’t want to be shared. Pinza® itself has no record of your locations, messages, media or notes – you’re the only one with access. It takes it out of public viewing, which means that people, like your employers, won’t see it. However, you can share it with close mates, so they can find you and join in the revelry. Even if you lose a few along the way, the Pinza® map helps them to find you again at a later stage.

Once the socialising is over, you can reminisce about the epic night out, as all the media and memories are captured in the app maps, right down to exact locations and the time of each bar and nightclub event. This social-media savvy platform is like a detailed and curated journal, one that offers instant hits of nostalgia, and it’s shared with only the mates you want to share it with.

Pinza® also has room to grow: it can become a new marketing playground for smart digital drops and vouchers (hint, hint, we’re betting big on Virtual Atoms), and it can also offer exclusive digital space for restaurants, bars and venues to offer specials and bespoke offers. It offers direct engagement with users who want a good time, and that opens up a whole new world of marketing and advertising for hospitality partners, alcoholic beverages, fast food and more. And it’s not just about one-night parties, Pinza® is perfect for travel adventures too. It can cover everything from gap -year experiences through to exotic yoga retreats and coastline-hopping surf sessions. We’re talking adventures and wanderlust on a global scale.


So, why do we love Pinza® so much? It combines the strengths of current social media winners into one powerful app that’s big on shared adventures and memories. In the same way that users harness Instagram to curate their worlds and memories, Pinza® offers a whole new level of interactive storytelling and a diary-like experience – but with stricter privacy that puts you in control of all your content (and more importantly, who sees it). You’re able to create tailored guides, itineraries, photo albums, treasure hunts and more – it’s a powerful, engaging way to create and share memories, but on your own terms.

Early adopters can grab the Beta Version right here, and if you want to be one of the first to partner with a future social media heavyweight, drop us a mail, we already see huge potential for brave brands wanting to go where no other has gone before. We’re excited about this journey. Come with us.

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