Making a splash: Desperados throws ultimate party in the world’s deepest pool


The most weird and wonderful events are the ones that get the most attention and earn that all-important standout. And the venue is a key part of that.

While the space needs to deliver on a practical level, it also needs to have an emotional impact and appeal to the visitor’s senses in a way that fits your brand message.

Events have been hosted in bizarre venues worldwide ranging from castles to war bunkers, museums and more, but none is quite as daring as the latest event hosted by Desperados.

Desperados, the world’s first tequila-flavoured beer, likes to do things differently and is certainly no stranger to the party scene. As part of its ‘Release Your Inner Tequila campaign, which challenges consumers to be more daring with their choices, the brand hosted an unforgettable experience like no other – the world’s deepest underwater pool party.

Desperados 1

Two years after Desperados hosted a zero-gravity party in a plane 30,000ft above the Nevada desert, the beer brand has taken the party in the completely opposite direction: 42m under water.

Pushing the boundaries of wild parties, the event was hosted in the Y-40 Deep Joy Pool in Venice which holds a whopping 43-million litres of water. The pool was rented out to host a ‘Deep House’ party, featuring iconic party producer Elrow and world-renowned DJs, Peggy Gou and Artwork.

Desperados 2

Attendees were invited to wear bespoke diving suits with built-in technology that allowed them to hear the music in high definition while submerged. Guests could take a dive to the underwater dancefloor below and fully explore the space while DJs sets were blasted through the aquatic speakers.

The world’s deepest dancefloor had all the bells and whistles you would expect to find in a club; huge speakers, flashing lights and lasers, alongside floating streamers and glowsticks as well as over 3-million bubbles.

Those who wanted to enjoy the multi-sensory experience without getting in the water, could also party hard from inside a dry underwater viewing tunnel, where the DJs performed.

An exclusive track was produced with Artwork to boost the campaign further, and has over 350 plays on Soundcloud so far.

Diederik Vos, global brand director of Desperados, said: “With ever-evolving party trends, it’s great to be able to show how any place, no matter how unusual, can be turned into a dance floor and to prove that unique experiences have a positive effect on people. With our events we’re giving our fans a new way to party.”

After the event, the attendees were asked to rate their mood and it was found the party caused a 27 per cent elevation in mood and 30 per cent increase in creativity, which was surmised as proof of the positive psychological impact an epic party can have.

Brands that offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience have been successful in building brand love and awareness; Après Dublin partnered up with Coors Light to launch Ireland’s ultimate Christmas party destination, and Sony took people out of their comfort zone with their underwater shop.

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