Maestro’s show-stopping experience


Admit it: we’re all a little scared of the unknown. So when champagne brand Maestro encouraged passers-by to stick their hands into the mouth of a statue as part of an experiential campaign, they were asking for quite a lot.

Maestro created a look-a-like of the famous ‘Fountain of Truth’ statue in Rome and placed it in the centre of Tbilisi mall in Georgia.

Maestrochampagnecampaign 1.jpg

To kick things off and encourage passers-by to stick their hands in the mouth, a simple red arrow was used to attract the bravest of shoppers. And when someone dared to reach in, they were given the shock of their life!

Behind the statue, a huge curtain dropped to reveal a full orchestra with just one position left to be filled: the maestro, of course!

Maestrochampagnecampaign 2.jpg

As a reward for taking a risk, partakers were able to enjoy the amazing experience of directing a full band. Making it even more epic, there were show lights, ballroom dancers and an audience, turning it into a full-scale performance with the brand remaining at the centre throughout.

Experiential marketing has no limits and this impressive stunt illustrates this. It effectively allured consumers into doing something out of the ordinary and as a result they became totally immersed in the brand.

We applaud any brand that dares to go all out when it comes to experiential. Take a look at this epic stunt to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday; a truly magical experience for lucky people in Cardiff.


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