A live gig for Warner Music to shoot 3 rising stars onto the world stage


An intimate live gig for New Zealand’s Emma Dilemma, DUAL and NO COMPLY.


Warner music has been a client of ours for some time now, (we know, lucky right!) which means we get to do some super cool events, like this live concert with LIZZO and this Ed Sheeran Pop-up Photobooth we did to create some excitement around his upcoming tour.

This time around we had the honour of introducing some incredible Warner-signed, up-and-coming NZ artists to an exclusive audience of music media that matter, radio-and-content directors, and the world’s music industry.

The trio included Emma Dilemma, a solo artist from Christchurch with an explosive genre-bending style of rock, disco and pop, DUAL, a Psychedelic-dance duo who combine dream-like vocals with driving drumbeats and intoxicating riffs, and NO COMPLY, who have been making waves with their high-energy live shows and their playful and melodic take on the rapidly changing, forever evolving genre we know and love as hip hop.

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An eclectic bunch of rising stars indeed, and our job was to ‘set a stage’ that suited all three of them. We wanted to create a vibrant space that allowed the artists’ individual styles to shine through, so we decided to keep the setting as simple, but as ‘street’, as possible.

The creative hub, Lot23 Studio, was the venue of choice, an intimate space with a unique, perfectly room-tuned sound system to ensure our artists sounded sensational. Then we used scaffolding to create a layered, functional stage. To finish it off we, installed ‘crawling’ LED rope lights that changed for every artist, to bring the room to life.

With the venue done and dusted, and the sound checked, the night was all about ensuring the drinks were flowing, mouths were being fed, fists were pumping, and feet were stomping away.

The intimate gig was seamless, the talent was superb, and our incredible clients at Warner Music were thrilled. Tick, tick and tick! We have no doubt that these three shining stars will be shot onto the world stage soon. Stay tuned!                  

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