LG experiential stunt pranks wannabe stargazers

How often do you take the time to stop and stare at the stars?

Observing a starry sky has been a favourite pastime throughout history. But with light pollution increasingly blocking our view, it is a rarity for city-dwellers to get any clear vision of the sky.

A light-hearted experiential campaign from LG tapped into our fascination with the night sky and gave people in Chile an opportunity to do just that.


Or so they were led to believe!

Setting up a stand in the middle of a busy street, passers-by were encouraged to ‘watch the real colours of the sky’ through a large telescope.

Peering down the lens they were greeted with a picturesque view of the night sky. Asked what they saw, children and adults alike delightedly described the moon, galaxy and hundreds of stars they had spotted through the telescope.

Completely engrossed, they were shocked to suddenly see a shooting star transformed and bounced across the screen as an arcade game started playing over the sky. They were then in for another surprise as a skeletal alien popped into the corner of the screen, followed by a game of space invaders.

Realising they had been tricked, the ‘prankees’ burst into surprised laughter and it was only then revealed that what they had actually been watching was the screen of an LG TV screen hanging out the window of a nearby building.


Pranking consumers can be a risky strategy but this light-hearted illusion cleverly grabbed the attention of potential consumers and subtly encouraged them to ‘try out’ the new LG OLED TV.

See the ‘Colours of the Universe’ experience in action:

Encouraging people to try your product can be a challenge but like Cadbury’s ‘mystery box’ campaign this shows how surprising people with a memorable experiential experience can a great way to showcase products benefits in a face-to-face setting.