KitKat’s experiential stunt gets commuters dancing


For most people, waiting for a bus is pretty dull. Frequent delays, combined with crowds of rushed and stressed passengers, means that the daily commute is not cherished by many.


Chocolate brand KitKat wanted to mix things up and encourage people to exercise their famous ‘Take A Break’ tagline. To do this, they created a fun experiential marketing stunt that really got commuters dancing with happiness.

Three bus shelters in Bogotá, Colombia, were transformed into interactive machines which invited passers-by to partake in a very playful challenge.


Intrigued participants were asked to follow three steps, which included learning dance moves and performing them back in time to a song. Once they had completed the routine, they were given a score and rewarded with a well-deserved chocolate bar.

This isn’t the first time the Nestlé brand has used an interactive screen to grab consumer’s attention. We loved KitKat’s staring contest stunt which targeted students in Brazil earlier this year.

These are both great examples of how experiential can be used effectively to distract people from their daily routine by providing great entertainment and, in the process, building all-important brand love.

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