KitKat tests students in laughter-filled experiential stunt


Most people will know that holding in laughter can be surprisingly difficult sometimes.

But what if you were put to the test? Do you think you could keep a straight face?

That’s exactly what KitKat recently challenged students in Brazil to do as part of a fun experiential marketing stunt. Tapping into students’ love of playing games (and procrastination), the brand created a digital version of the classic staring contest.


The confectionary brand installed special interactive billboards on two different campuses of a university in Sao Paulo. Kitted out with cameras and facial recognition software, students in different locations around the University were offered the opportunity to compete against each other in a virtual staring contest. That’s a pretty hard invitation to turn down!

Standing in front of the billboard, participants could view a live video of their opponent. Once the billboard recognised the faces of a person on each billboard, a countdown started and the game was off. There was just one simple rule to follow: you laugh, you lose!


The contestant who held strong and didn’t break first was named the winner and rewarded with a free KitKat Chunky bar for their efforts.

Unsurprisingly, the activation attracted a lot of attention, reaching more than 17,000 people. See the game in action here:

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