Katie Penfold: 3 things I’m excited for in 2018


Thank you 2017, bring it on 2018 – this is what I am most thankful and excited for.

Growing Because AE and our globally connected offices

I was thrilled to launch our office in the UAE earlier this year, meaning we are now live in 6 global markets. Being able to leverage the talents and insights across so many different Because offices has not only been tremendously exciting but has also given a new dimension to our work with clients reaping the benefits. It’s a dream come true to now be pitching for and winning global campaigns. I’m loving being in the UAE, setting up our first MENA office and filling it with amazing talent.

Hopefully, Because AE will be in amazing shape when I hand over the reigns to a permanent Managing Director next year and I will take my learnings from here, my time in Australia and my 15+ years in London to another office (watch this space!).

Paying it forward

I was a very green 21 year old when I joined this business. I consider myself beyond fortunate that Sharon, our Global CEO, saw fit to employ me in the first place, but also to have been given so many opportunities over the last *ahem* years. Not only do I get to work with fab clients, meet exceptional people and partake in some pretty unique and privileged experiences but I’ve also been lucky enough to work across 3 continents and launch our UAE office here in the Middle East.

We are a talent business that thrives on people and creativity, which is why nurturing (and learning from) the next generation of Becausers is always such a joy and privilege. I am incredibly proud to work with people of such passion and integrity across the globe, and I am looking forward to playing my part in creating opportunities for them too.

There are very few things I find more uplifting than seeing new recruits grab every opportunity we can throw at them with both hands. Steph Babin, who progressed from a Junior to Director-level position in just three years and was picked to head off from Sydney to help start our Dubai office, is proof of how talented, hard working people can have phenomenal opportunities working at Because.

Giving it back

One of the things I love most about our agency is our culture of giving back and saying thank you. Giving back to our wider global communities has always been a big part of Because. It makes me so proud that, amongst many other charitable endeavours, in November we completed our second Educare centre in South Africa. This is one of the things I love the most about Because and we start digging the foundations of our third Educare centre in January. None of this would happen without the dedication and hard work of Sharon. This is just one of the many reasons that I am so proud to work alongside such a brilliant and inspiring woman.

We also like to say thank you here at home in lots of small ways, from sending brownies to suppliers or hand-written notes to clients, and in big blow-out ways too. Lets face it, agency life is as demanding as it is rewarding so being able to say thank you to everyone who has poured heart and soul into our campaigns with a big Christmas bash is important to us. This year, from all over the world, Becausers landed in Dublin for our Christmas party. For years we’ve created unforgettable campaigns for our clients but this year, the team in Ireland created our very own event, Après Dublin.



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