Jimmy Brings – Summer Gamification Campaign

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Jimmy Brings bags of prizes with gamified engagement. 

Using gamification to help Aussie drink delivery service, Jimmy Brings, bring the drinks this summer. 

Since launching back in 2015, Jimmy Brings has brought the drinks straight to the door of Aussie house parties, get-togethers with unexpected guests, and of course those who just want to kick back after a long day. It’s earned the brand a reputation as being much more than just another corporate do-it-all delivery service from abroad. 

It’s grown to become a brand with personality. A brand that adds value to customers’ lives and really gets who they are. And, by taking great service seriously and offering an ever-evolving curated collection of products handpicked by Jimmy himself, it’s become Australia’s largest and fastest on-demand drinks service.  

This reputation – as an engaging and customer-centric brand – is at the core of its communication strategy. And it’s this that we honed in on to help Jimmy stay top of mind this summer, allowing them to collaborate with other brands and keep the good times flowing. 

Now, add digital customer engagement to the mix, shake (or stir) and what have you got? “Bags of Prizes” – a branded gamification experience that we are proud to have helped conceptualise and build. Inspired by the central role the humble delivery bag plays in the Jimmy Brings product offering, it’s a simple tap-to-reveal competition mechanic built to drive repeat engagement. 

In as little as three taps, users can “grab a bag” to see if they win while engaging with Jimmy Brings (and the brands it stocks). Designed to drive traffic well beyond launch day, taking part requires little to no effort while it gets people to return each day with a simple play-more-win-more incentive. 

Live for nine weeks during the festive season from November through to January, players of the free game stand the chance to win their share of over $5 million in weekly cash draws, instant free products, and, of course, free delivery. And if they play each day of the week, they get rewarded with extra entries into the next cash draw. How’s that for upping the ante and driving repeat engagement? 

Super simple, but engaging and effective. As far as the latest marketing trends go, it’s the perfect marriage between branded engagement, entertainment, and gamification, doing what Jimmy does best – leave its customers with a sense of enjoyment. You could even say “it’s all in the bag.” 

If this is the kind of marriage between strategy and creativity that speaks to what you want for your brand, hit us up and let’s see what magic we can “bring” for you. 

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