JetBlue pulls off daring NYC brand experience


Imagine what the world would be like if you were not only allowed, but also encouraged, to steal and deface public property.

Airline company JetBlue urged the people of New York City to do just that recently for the chance to receive amazing rewards. And in true New Yorker style, they certainly didn’t back down from a challenge.


Encouraging NYC residents to outright steal – within clear limits, of course – JetBlue ‘hid’ over 180 gift vouchers in bus shelters all over New York. And by hiding, we mean that the vouchers were hidden in plain sight. Billboard-size.

Specially-designed giant peel-away vouchers were displayed on billboards throughout the Big Apple. Written on the vouchers were mischievous messages such as ’Take this ad. Literally’ and ’Only a real New Yorker can pull this off.’ Those bold enough to steal the adverts received truly awesome rewards in return, such as free flights and tickets to both New York Jets and Brooklyn Nets games.


Showing more of its naughty side, the brand offered up a host of cheeky comments in the spaces left behind by the missing vouchers. Our favourites include ‘Takers gonna take’ and ‘Report this ad stolen.’

JetBlue’s latest fun brand experience was almost too good to be true, but those that were bold enough to take the campaign at face value certainly came away smiling.

Some of the reactions to the stunt were particularly priceless, as New Yorkers wrestled with the decision of whether or not to deface public property, and then struggled to make away with their oversized vouchers!

Supported by the hashtag #NYCTAKEOFF, the campaign saw all 181 vouchers nabbed so quickly that the experiential campaign has now been replicated to delight even more New Yorkers with a host of exciting rewards.

Let’s hope those that missed out first time round will be quicker off the mark next time.

Much like LEGO’s bus stop selfie experience, JetBlue’s generous activation delivered a fun and memorable outdoor brand experience with a very clear call to action.

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