JetBlue passengers unite for US election experiential stunt


The American presidential election is one of the most talked about topics right now, with people from all over the world weighing into the debate.

In the height of this political season, Airline company JetBlue recently orchestrated a fun election-themed experiential stunt which showed that the brand isn’t afraid to join in the conversation.  


In a social experiment to promote the brand, JetBlue promised an airplane full of passengers a free round-trip ticket to somewhere on JetBlue’s route if they could “reach across the aisle” to unanimously decide on a destination.

Taking place on a regular flight from Boston to Phoenix, the flight started out like any other. Passengers loaded onto the plane and took their seats as normal, but once the flight was in the air, the fun truly began.

A flight attendant jumped onto the speaker system and announced to the passengers that they had the chance to win a free round-trip. First, though, every single one of the 150 people on the plane had to agree on the destination.

To cast their votes, the passengers each had a voting paddle stored in their seat pocket. One side of the plane had red voting cards and the other blue, in a nod to the Republican and Democratic party colours. A card was also supplied to each passenger with information on all the possible destinations they could choose from.


The first decision they had to make was if they wanted a domestic or international destination. Although there were a few votes for domestic on the first vote, it didn’t take long for an international destination to be agreed.

Next was the difficult part as a single destination had to be unanimously chosen from a long list of possibilities. Passengers were invited to come to the front of the plane and argue their favourite destination over the intercom system. As you would expect, people had conflicting views and at one point it looked like a unanimous decision was never going to happen.

Did the stunt ever reach a happy conclusion? Watch the stunt for yourself and find out:

Similar to their NYC voucher giveaway which encouraged New York residents to ‘deface’ public bus stops, this stunt shows that JetBlue aren’t afraid to push the boundaries with slightly controversial and daring experiential stunts.

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