Jaguar ups the pace with unique ‘Musicdrome’ to launch first SUV


For iconic brands, there is increased expectation for launch campaigns to offer something distinctly special that draws admiration and awe from around the world.

With the launch of Jaguar’s first SUV, the Jaguar F-Pace, the luxury car maker beat all expectations through a spectacular stunt in line with its ‘art of performance’ tagline.

To celebrate the new car’s arrival, Jaguar held a launch party in Japan with a very unexpected DJ – the car itself!

Jaguar SUV Musicdrome 5.jpg

The automotive manufacturer created the world’s first ‘Musicdrome’ – a custom-built velodrome constructed to mimic a turntable. A stunt driver drove the F-Pace around the velodrome, and with cameras tracking the car’s movements, was able to control the music. The faster the car travelled, the faster the music played. The higher the car travelled, the louder the music played.

The centrepiece of the party, the Musicdrome was accompanied by a live band, flashing lights, dancers waving union jack flags – a nod towards the brand’s British heritage – and a red-carpet entry for guests.

The strategy was to show how Jaguar thinks differently. Rather than focusing on the practical, spacious and safe connotations associated with an SUV, Jaguar highlighted the aspirational, sleek design and high-calibre features.

Jaguar SUV Musicdrome 4.jpg

The one-week experiential event attracted over 90,000 spectators. Following the launch there was a 55% increase in catalog online orders and 114% rise in website traffic.

Jaguar has a history of turning a concept on its head to amaze and surprise people. To give potential customers a very realistic experience of its F-TYPE car, the brand used VR technology to prank petrolheads with an unbelievably life-like simulator.

Stunts like the Musicdrome that reflect the brand’s ethos and yet challenge expectations can be highly effective in creating worldwide attention and lasting brand love. Another company that has achieved this is Disney through its magic experiential stunt to promote its new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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