Instant experiential: Kagulu prices cars with digital signage


Used car dealerships aren’t usually known for their quirky marketing.We applaud Kagulu, a car dealership based in Taiwan, for changing the game with its cracking use of digital signage to tell people just how much their car is worth, in an instant.

To demonstrate Kagulu’s quick and straightforward price evaluations, they launched the ‘roving price scanner’ that tells drivers on the spot how much they could get for their cars.Kagulu

A truck was fitted with sensors, cameras and a screen that could scan vehicles and provide an accurate sales value within seconds. And what better place to do it than on the road?

The ‘roving price scanner’ took to the streets of Taiwan to scan cars either parked or driving next to it – identifying its model, make and year before evaluating the overall value.

It even did its best to appraise a toy car after a cute little boy pulled up alongside the truck, giving it an estimated value of $priceless!


This great activation engages consumers on the go in a fun and effective way, perfectly demonstrating the speed and simplicity that is central to the company’s car pricing process.

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