IBM is celebrating its 100th anniversary by exhibiting in New York.


The month long exhibition explores the technological advancements of the past century and the way that “science has improved our daily lives” alongside the “possibilities unleashed by technology”.


To highlight this IBM has created a sensory experience, using state of the art technology to give prominence to the benefits of the modern age.  The first piece of technology the public encounter is a 123-foot digital wall that streams data, in real time, from systems around the exhibit.  Such as air quality, visitor numbers and traffic on Broadway.

Once inside the exhibition visitors are faced with 40 seven-foot screens. IBM state this is an immersive experience for the public as “a kaleidoscope of images and sound surrounds them.  They are enveloped in a rich narrative about the pattern of progress…”.  After this the screens become interactive and the public are able to explore hundreds of examples of how technology impacts on our day to day life from clocks to meteorology.

IBM has not just claimed there are new “possibilities unleashed by technology” but, at this exhibition, has invited the public to experience it.  A great way to clarify a point and cement an idea in the minds of the participants. Think – An Exploration into Making the World Work Better open until the 23rd of October.

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