Hyundai Australia creates quirky 4-second ads you won’t forget


Do you ever feel like our attention spans are getting shorter?

It’s not just your imagination; research from Microsoft Corporation has found that a consumer’s attention span is now less than that of the humble goldfish!

We live in an always-connected world of social media and smartphones. It is no surprise that consumers find it increasingly hard to concentrate on the latest ads and articles.

With the rise of Snapchat and Instagram stories, our digitalised lifestyles have turned us into the speed-daters of storytelling.

Inspired by research that the average online attention span is now just 4.1 seconds, Hyundai Australia pioneered the ‘4-Second Car Review’ in its latest campaign to launch the new ‘Venue’ car model.

Hyundai Venue 1

The clever campaign video features 25 quirky 4-second reviews from unlikely motor experts like a chameleon, a ninja, a time-traveller, even a cactus! Each one – shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat – gently mocks the ‘Absurdly Sensible’ characteristics of a Hyundai Venue car choice.

In response to the campaign, Helen Gilmartin, Marketing Manager at Hyundai Australia said: “In order to connect the head with the heart – and find fresh ways of connecting our varying audiences with different models – we need to continually seek cut-through creative and media approaches. This campaign aims to inject some quirky fun and educate our young-at-heart audience as to Venue’s Absurdly Sensible qualities”.

Innovative and memorable, the digital campaign also invited nostalgia provoking celebrities and influencers such as Lance Bass, Tori Spelling and Dog the Bounty Hunter to offer their unique review of the new Hyundai Venue.

Hyundai Venue 2

The decision to make it a digital campaign was driven by researching findings that indicate 73% of all car buyers research online and on social media when considering a car purchase.

It is a prime example of car brands using updated marketing tools to reach a younger audience and boost brand love. Like the time Skoda’s stunt took car safety to new heights, and Land Rover created their own 4xfar branded festival.

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