Humans fly high with experiential promotion


We all know that flying can be a very tiring experience. 


All of the time and effort it takes to make your arrangements, pack your bags and make it to your flight on time can sure take it out of you. Once you finally reach the airport, it’s hardly surprising if you feel like you could do with recharging your batteries.

Passengers at Atlanta’s Hatfield-Jackson International Airport almost had the opportunity to do just that recently.

In a clever and memorable spot of experiential marketing at the airport, it appeared that human beings were being literally recharged within special pods provided by a company called Persona Synthetics.

But alas, it wasn’t a glimpse into the near future of travel or, indeed, technology.

Rather, it was a fun way of bringing to life the concept of the AMC drama Humans, a show that’s already achieved much success in the UK on Channel 4 through its depiction of ‘synthetic’ home-helpers.


Simple but effective, this stunt generated discussion and grabbed attention, and all the while, clips of the show were playing on a big digital display.

It no doubt gave those travelling something to think about and helped make waiting in the airport lounge that little bit more interesting – much like a trio of vintage arcade games did when they turned up at Swedish airports recently, all in the name of charity.

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